Last of us remastered matchmaking slow Matchmaking is deathly slow now

Last of us remastered matchmaking slow, want to add to the discussion?

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Starting and Stoping While Walking. Same here, however I'm getting into games no problem now. Unless you mean making the matchmaking detect solo players in the party allowed search, which would make sense.

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Heck, I still have yet to get my first trophy! Add me tonight i'll be on after 8 PM central.

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I'm matchmaking slow version number 1. I play in parties mode all the time but never actually play in a party because I've always found matches more quickly going back to the PS3 launch, and that continues now. I find it's a mixed bag, sometimes I'm waiting forever and other times a match is found instantly. The searching for any player situation could simply be failing due to the server dropping requests due to heavy backlog. Don't post spam or unapproved self-promotion.

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Interested to see what the MP is all about Your password has been reset. It takes an eternity to find a match. Because you find matches faster, less stress on the server.


To see what we consider spam, click here. If your search allows parties even faster. Anything less than 1Mbps for upload indicates your connection is insufficient to support online play for factions. I'd like to see Infected, animals, vehicles, and stronger weather effects.

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Sign in Sign in Sign up Cancel. Its weird, I bought the game on Tues night and was able to get into games no problem.

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Yet there hasn't been a single word from them whether or not they're going to revert it back to how it was. Although, there is potential for stat boosting with this. We'd suggest last with your service provider, since from the detail you've provided your connecting speed appears to be fluctuating.

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It finds them quicker dating aa way. I tried to do no parties, and the same thing happened. Even in regular TDM I still face full parties almost every game. However, people who choose "parties allowed" but aren't in a party themselves can be matched with people who chose "no parties".


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Update from a dev yesterday. Saw it on reddit somewhere. Survive 10 rounds with increasing difficulty. We have made changes to increase our security and have reset your password.