Can baby dating scans be wrong Can your pregnancy scan give the wrong due date?

Can baby dating scans be wrong

Just don't stress yourself its not good for the baby!!!!

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Never delay or dating a guy who is going through a divorce seeking professional medical or mental health advice from your physician or other qualified health provider because of something you have read on BabyandBump. Trying To Conceive Forums.

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My baby will come when it's ready anyway, maybe weeks before or maybe weeks after my due date. I have scans every few weeks so it will probably keep on changing. The healthcare professionals will stick to this date as far as possible because it is then used as the baseline for growth throughout pregnancy. Trying To Conceive Over The sonographer then said that I was only about 4. Trying To Conceive 1.

dating scan can they be wrong? if so by how much

Im going out of my mind. Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you.

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Not Trying, Not Preventing. Dating scans are usually fairly accurate hun. For a while I thought I was 4 weeks ahead of what I actually am so I had a scan at what turned out to be 7 weeks, the baby measured much closer to a 7 week old rather than a 12 week old.

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Hi guys Hoping some1 can help put my mind at rest!!! Pls can some1 help havnt said anything to my husband about my worries as the dates are perfect and i dont want him worring like i am. Of course you have probably already used an online due date calculator.

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Measurements at such an early stage aren't accurate which is why they wait dating advice from ballet dancers 12 weeks to date you. User Name Remember Me?

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Can your pregnancy scan give the wrong due date? Just half a millimetre at such an early stage can change your date by a week. We always recommend mums get a definitive dating scan closer to 12 weeks as this will be much more accurate.

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Pregnancy After A Loss. Featured Tales from the Crib.

Original date given was 18 December but at the scan it was moved to 31 Dec. Your can baby dating scans be wrong scan will be far more accurate.

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Long Term Trying To Conceive. I don't want to worry you but please don't rely on the pill for your answer.

The heartbreaking reason this mum makes her kids count every piece of Halloween candy. My dates and scans are off too by dates its November 21st but by scan it is December1st Pregnancy - Second Trimester. It just doesn't quite add up by my reckoning of when I think I ovulated and when I know we did the deed! Page 1 of 4.

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