World of tanks kv-1s matchmaking Kv-1s platoons completely broken

World of tanks kv-1s matchmaking

By the way, in the 's's tank designers around the world came to the conclusion that it was the right decision.

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The mm is DERP like with high pen. I try to go for the weak spots but I still frequently hit for only damage.

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You can read all of the post in this thread in the time it takes to load up another shot in the KV-1S. CarvinMarvin 8 Posted 12 September - Many tanks were sent in tank brigades because the reorganization of the Red Army had not begun yet.

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Come on, that thing is an absolute monster… I cannot thank WG enough for giving me 2 OP tanks in attempting to remove 1 …. This topic is locked. In the summer ofthe KV-1S prototype was tested.

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Vsavsa1 9 Posted 07 February - Sign In Email address: How tanks games have you on KV-1S? Whatever the matchmaking its just not your turn, be it by design or just dumb luck debatable.

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The germans did not lose becuase of inferior tank quality but in spite of their superior tank quality Troymk1 1 Posted 12 March - Bad luck with mm Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Of course it gets one Shotted by the tier 7s, but the MM seems kinder to tier 5.

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Taurus dating traits I've actually been quite successful at side scrapping, holding up a flank area etc. Back to Heavy Tanks. It's pretty clear with respect to all of the answers already posted here about the KV1S.

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Edited May 25, by CopyCat4. Within the game confines of a world like War Thunder The only role heavy tanks can have is of breakthrough, line pushing tanks that are very hard to penetrate from the front but are slow and in risk of getting flanked No, it is not. Edited by Vsavsa1, 07 February - What should we call you?

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When in the right hands, this tank easily makes up for its shortcomings and offers invaluable practice in learning to drive and operate the IS tank series.

Its long aim time, bad accuracy, and long reload will have you pulling hair out if you try to take on German tanks at range. I have to disagree on your KV-1 gun choice.