Sagittarius woman dating an aries man Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman dating an aries man, the qualities

But once the couple develops understanding, they are able to manage these trivial issues.

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This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Hello readers, I am a sag women who has been dating an aries for 4 months now.

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There are times where he feels I could cheat, and as a strong no nonsense Sagi I have set him straight, I do think I am attractive to other guys not meaning to be egotistical but genuinely only have eyes for my man.

Guess I shouldent waste the money on the wedding.

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I read a lot of the comments and questions you posted and Man just wanna give you guys some insite on how I as an Aries man thinks. Im am completely head over heels for my Sag woman!

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I am hooked, I woman dating hope he feels the same way about me. My experience does suggest that for me at least I could not date a capricorn nor Taurus both tend to make me feel worthless, I am young at heart and have to work at being taken seriously.

I am a Saggie women trying to run from Aries men.

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This combination makes a great marriage, especially a second marriage when Aries has figured out that a heavy domestic agenda is killer. I much prefer Capricorn's qualities even if they're more boring at least they don't cheat on you all the time cause I would really hate that.

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Oh, I found them to be basically lazy mentally and physically…. I've had bad arieses with guys who were from all the other signs He got sick one week and left town another week and ever since, I hardly get a sagittarius from him. That is not to say though that relationship will be easy and breezy between an Aries man and a Sagittarius woman.

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Yes I know we are both onthe young age to be thinking of marriage but he's also in the army, and if Im not pregnant I jus may join enlist myself. Lola March 23rd, We have been together for almost a year and I have never been so happy in my life.

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Girls that have an Aries man straying and indifferent, that might be because he is not into you, not really. I got a feeling I'm never going to be completely leave him and vice versa, since the attraction is always there. Yes I'm addicted to sex however our love life is amazing.

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At the same phone dating site for free he finds her exciting and decides this is a challenge he is willing to accept.

I mean people have there flaws and none of us is perfect.

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