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Dating wheatstone concertinas

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The tone for that reason is not as good as older instruments but the action and response is perfectly acceptable for average players like myself. Sir Charles Wheatstone was a physicist best known for his work on the electric telegraph, and as an inventor of scientific instruments. All numbers from 1 - are covered, with approximate dates of manufacture.

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The 's catalogue shows the Model 4A anglo 30 key metal ends, i. And like all museums, the Horniman is also dedicated to the preservation of the objects with which it has been entrusted.

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These lists contain information about Wheatstone model numbers and descriptions which are useful to interpret the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers. Tell us about it. The prices of raw materials used in the manufacture of concertinas are documented here.

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So I started to look into them. During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2, Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about throughand some 9, Anglos, with serial numbers from through Untilanyone who wished to date a Wheatstone concertina had to visit the Horniman Library in south London in order to cross reference the serial number with an entry in one of the original ledgers, or request a curator to undertake this task.

See also English pricelists from Wheatstone.

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A number of experts in different subject areas, based in Europe and the US, are already working on their own research projects associated concertina the history, development and music of the instrument. The same material is also available to how to make online dating work aziz on an inexpensive CD. Neither sheet has yet been catalogued at the Horniman, but these appear to constitute item number C in Neil Wayne's finding list to his datings wheatstone, which is described as "C Each item listed below is a single index such as to serial numbers or to dates to a single ledger.

Dates of Concertinas by Henry Minting One sheet of blurred manual typing with dim hand-written additions, and another sheet in two copies possibly re-typed later from the first on an electric typewriter, with "Dates of Concertinas" relating Wheatstone serial numbers to dates of manufacture. The Horniman is one of the few UK museums that collects instruments of popular music.

The design changes seem to be associated with the long interruption of the war and the post-war perception of changed market conditions, not with the serial number series.

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Better-quality colour photographs from the author's originals have been substituted for those originally published. Wheatstone English Concertina Pricelists collected by Chris Algar Most of these pricelists were found in old dating wheatstone cases. Scatter-plots of serial numbers and dates transcribed from the Wheatstone Ledgers reveal the pattern. That could be a concertina why the dating wheatstone concertinas number ledgers were split into two, because production was going on at two locations?

I. Introduction

By the end of the first two years, the website had servedpageviews from just those five ledgers to visitors from 88 different countries. A copy of a complete dating list for Wheatstone Concertinas, compiled by Henry Minting.

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Serial Numbers Ledger C The reeds are screwed to the reed pan in aluminium frames. From internal evidence it is possible to date the lists c.

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But Steve Dickinson thought that such theories were too elaborate; he thought that, for reasons unknown, Wheatstone had decided sometime in the late s to begin giving their regular Anglos a different set of serial numbers. The bold project of digitizing the ledgers was devised by a uniquely dedicated and gifted individual, Robert Gaskins, to whom the Horniman Museum owes a profound debt of gratitude. Serial Number Lookup for Wheatstone Ledgers s to s by Robert Gaskins and Wes Williams A quick lookup for serial numbers in Wheatstone Ledgers dating wheatstone concertinas the late s to early s; type in a single number and premium dating service london a report on all its occurrences in the ledgers.

Do you know another resource that we should include? The project to provide Internet access to the C.


Resources in the Concertina Library for dating vintage concertinas. None of the people from whom I bought concertinas had email access -- including the latest source. This is a preliminary version dealing only with the first four ledgers to early ; the completed article will appear soon.