Clan war matchmaking update Update to war matchmaking: provide a forfeit button for unfair matches

Clan war matchmaking update, engineering today?!

War use to have alot of fun, it was the waiting to the war matchmaking end to see who win.

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Currently engineering is still a solid advantage. This is total nonsense to punish engendered owners because some people cannot 3 star TH Welcome To the World-Famous Clashkings2.

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So for for us I have not noticed any major changes. I suspect super-cell already have this in mind, tested in the builders base.

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That will fix the problem right there!! Before we jump right into the community feedback, I also want to show what this update end of August really was. The th sniping issue was addressed to keep high level clans fom making deals and giving each other shields to maintain the highest trophy rankings… it was meant to stop people from exploiting the game… engineered bases on the other hand, encompass all the players… anyone can do it.

Thanks for the information.

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First, yes wars are worse Second, i think supercell is on the right track. One is engineered town hall 8, the other a few weeks from max th10 heros are done recently YEAH! There will come some changes soon this was posted on July 25th in the official forum: Solutions are so so simple. Here's how I earned more thanGems update spending one single Dollar in the past 3 years! Last Jump to page: So much nicer just raiding daily an not worrying about war attacks.

Play the game as it was intended. This will allow us to monitor the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too matchmaking or not heavy enough. This will allow us to clan war the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too heavy or not heavy enough. I can undertand why so many people are complining. This would let the players level their own field.

How is that so hard to figure out? This button would allow the Leader with a Co-Leader, or all the Co-Leaders without the Leader say a minimum of 3 Co's to forfeit the match within the hour preperation period.

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Guess what he took out number 2 and 3. Both sides have attitude about how their view is correct. Follow us facebook twitter googleplus. Of course they will win most of their wars. We did get a few matchups with the engineered clans, we won some and lost some.

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If anything I believe that Supercell expected diversity between bases and had no expectation that everyone would play the same way. I started clan an engineered base because I was tired of not being able to participate in update wars because my heroe s were upgrading.

Now we are sure that that guy will take 2 of us in the bottom.

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Is a chief with an engineered base more likely to purchase in game content like gems than the casual player or less? Now, we can finally pull back the curtain, so to speak, and we are going to explain exactly what Weight is and how the Clan War matchmaking algorithm really works.

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Put unlockables just for the unsatisfied ones? The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated crams imperial world globe dating a near-future release soon! There are several ways to play the game. Using an engineered base method to match will penalize people who max their base then upgrade to a higher th.