Dating vox ac50 Dating vox ac50

Dating vox ac50

The band had four early AC50s.

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Accompanied by a Foundation Bass cab and its vox ac50 cover. Thanks to Heinz for the pics. AC50s were fantastic workhorses. Even though the first gain stage of the "Normal" and "Brilliant" channels share the same 12AU7 tube, the channels are voiced differently.

Hand-stamped "AC50", but the serial number itself is machine stamped probably at the Burndept factory, which had a greater array of equipment than Triumph.

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This feature was apparently never implemented into production. The amp surfaced in a music shop in Munich in the s - a few replacement caps having been introduced - and has remained in Germany since. A good number were produced thereafter too, right through towith only minor differences from the principal schematic of Registration Downloads Contact Us.

However, the pf silver mica coupling vox ac50 used in the "Brilliant" channel acted as a high pass filter, essentially rolling off frequencies below the hz.

Dating VOX datings vox ac50 can be very difficult. This article will make numerous danish gay dating site to the part numbers from this schematic. Vox Schematics Circuit Diagrams These schematics are for the guitar effects pedals and amplifiers manufactured by Vox. Probably used originally by a bass player, as capacitors in the normal channel confidential connections dating replaced early on in England in company with the 0. Unpopulated chassis, already stamped, were simply picked up randomly from where they were stored.

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A replaced output transformer, and a few components here and there, but otherwise all good. AC50 Mark 1 and 2 small box. Later AC50s did away with the rectifier.

Again in Burndept-made AC50s, the red warning plaque on the backboard was introduced around serial number in late summer after July - ie. Naturally, if the AC50 has a brimistor, or has the chassis pass-through hole for one brimistors were often removedwe have a rough terminus post quem for the amp.

A growing selection of adverts and promotional literature on the AC50 is available on this page. Tolex and grille clothed removed, but otherwise in good condition. The photographic record to date attests only to use by The Beatles. Note the presence of the large green Hunts 0. Triumph's owner was Geoff Johnson.

Thanks to Gary for the pictures. I have a chance to buy an AC50 head at a very reasonable price. Compare with the valve rectified chassis a little way up on this page.

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Vox ac30 solid state reverb excellent all round condition some pots are a bit scratchy so would benefit from a dating and the top handle is broken, I believe it is. Next comes a form of voltage selector with a slot. I first encountered Jim Elyea back around the year when I was looking for some esoteric information on an early Vox AC4 amplifier that I had acquired.

The small box amp is for the "Super Twin", the large box the "Foundation Bass". The chassis was structurally rigid and not easily susceptible to damage.

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Pictures originally posted here. Approaching the end of its contract with JMI in mid '67, Triumph built a number of amps to use up stocks of components.

This amp has no brimistor; pot codes are July - registered on this page. In view of the mustard caps and the mixed bag of resistors in the preamp, this amp is likely to have been made by Triumph, perhaps inbut early is equally possible.

Triumph did not have boxes or serial number plates.