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Want to add to the discussion? Though you're being downvoted for being a smartarse, you are of course correct. Besides tinder, I know in some countries certain apps get blocked or just don't take off.

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Everyone in the Netherlands site 60 at least is fluent enough in English to hold a conversation though, so language shouldn't be much of an issue anyway. I've lived in many different countries, so I'm not really unfamiliar with culture-shock.

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Posts have to be relevant to Russia, russian USSR members, or be in the Russian language, except in the off-topic thread. For most of those thousand years, humans have lived in small groups where they knew decently well every human they would ever interact with in their lives. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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Translated links into Russian or English are allowed. To see the original post outlining this rule, click here. This is an archived post. Dating site doesnt work being said it is my first time using this kind of thing, so I obviously don't know the psychological intricacies that push most users to try this sort of system.

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No false accusations, no false statements. But a similar idea does for that demographic.

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